Get students’ interest with Comic Master!


It’s not easy to keep the students’ interest these days when working with elementary grade students and students with special needs. Sometimes the teacher needs to use more than the regular tools developed by the school system. This is where Comic Master comes into play!

Comic master is a Web Tool that allows users, students or teachers to create comic strips. The possibilities are numerous! There are a number of characters, speaking balloons and background colors and many other elements to choose from. Students can organize the characters on each strip and add text. They control the layout of the comic strip, and they control how many panels they out in and they also decide of the content via a large library provided by the website.

Here’s how it works!

  1. You the layout of the comic strip. You can choose from 3 choices of different shapes
  2. You then choose from a selection of elements displayed in the following picture


  1. You can first set the backgrounds
  2. You then have a selection of characters with various art style 
  3. You can now add your speech and thought bubbles
  4. Wrap this up with the caption boxes and special effects and you are done!

Why is this useful in a classroom?

Well, first of all, this kind of activity motivates children to invent and use languages in creative manner. When children are interested, they put effort into it and they actually want to learn Also, it Can use multiple languages, and as previously said, it motivates the user to create short stories. It additionally can inspire students to write short tales since Characters can display a wide variety of art style. It is free to use so you Do not need an account to use this tool. It is the ideal tool for beginner language classes and it can be used to work with weekly vocabulary lists. Here is a little video that talks about the benefit of comics and graphic novels for education.

What can teachers and students do with it?

Well, first of all, teachers will use it to get students’ interest and attention. But it goes over this little fact. It is also a great tool in foreign or second language classes, since it can be used with multiples languages. Comic Master can also create role play and sketches can be reproduces as short and funny oral presentation. All kinds of situation can be created and used in class. Comic Master can also be used to replace usual school project like short stories or poem writing. Moreover, it can be used with classes adapted for students with special needs, and you can even use it to review vocabulary lists with students instead of memorizing them. Students who need to review the said vocabulary can also print his comic or share it right away with an embed option. They can share it with teachers or peers with one simple click. It is user friendly and inviting to use. The possibilities are endless…


If you are interested to add Comic Master to your teacher’s toolbox, you can click this link and try it out right now! As I said earlier, it is free and utterly easy to use. Also, if you want to see a little tutorial you can watch the video below.

This is what a really good Comic Master strip can look like if you put some effort into it!


Oh! And before I finish my last blog entry, I wanted to thank everyone who followed it. It was surely a blast to do as a university project.

Thanks Everyone.



Improve Students’ Participation Easily with Voki

Have you ever wanted to motivate your students to participate and encourage them to go through their lessons? Well it is now easily possible with Voki. 



Voki is an educational tool created by Oddcast in New York City that allows users to create their very own talking character. Teachers can customize Voki characters to look like whoever they want! If you give a lesson about the American declaration of independence, why not having Thomas Jefferson to talk about it! Historical figures, cartoons, animals, and even yourself! You can even record your own voice of use audio files. Voki characters can be emailed, shared on social media, and embedded on websites or even on Powerpoint presentations. Voki is also free, if you stay with the regular Voki subscription


But It does not stop there!

Here is a list of what you can do with Voki

  • Create an audio podcast to share class content with studentsImage
  • Create audio podcast to share information with parents
  • get you students involved by creating their own podcasts
  • Create ANY type of avatar with a tremendous amount of customization
  • Write or Record your character’s voice by typing, phone, microphone or audio files
  • Share you Voki by: phone, email, and  you can even embed it any almost website or software
  • Use you Voki on a interactive whiteboard

If you want to dig further in the Voki world, teachers can use the other subscription type for Voki, It is called Voki Classroom

Voki Classroom is a class and lesson management system add-on designed for Voki. With Voki Classroom, teachers can create student’s accounts and they are able to control their privacy settings. Voki Classroom assists educators in organizing how their students interact with Voki. It also manages classes and class content for teachers and for students as well. This “add-on” lets teachers focus on teaching, since it allows them to manage students and manage classes easily with one simple click.

Here is a list of what you can do with Voki Classroom

  • Assign students to any classes or group  and manage them easily
  • Easily transfer a students from one class or group to another
  • Create a personal login and storage space for every students your add, giving them the space required to drop work and download assignments
  • Manage assignment and results easily with Voki Classroom’s database
  • Set up lessons for each class easily with one simple click, then upload it
  • Customize the look of your lesson page in order to capture students’ attention
  • Students can view and complete their online assignments by log in their account
  • Combine your previously created Voki avatar to your online lessons and assignments in order to create extra excitement!
  • Review and approve student’s voki before publishing it
  • Share in private or public via Email or via the embed option in any websites 

In all seriousness, children will love being taught by famous person. Also, if you manage to configure the right voice with the right avatar and context, you can create a particularly singular and exciting learning method for students. It teaches them to learn with technology, while developing the teacher’s own set of computerized skills.

You can start right away and start you first Voki by clicking this link



Manage your class easily with ClassDojo


Did you ever dream of managing your classroom easily and effectively? Well, it is possible with the application called Class Dojo! 

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. You can also capture and generate data on students’ behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. It is just simply wonderful! Class dojo works with any type of classroom and can be installed on any devices. Teacher can create and manage their groups according to their grades, group numbers, or even subjects so teachers can have many groups of the same grade or subject. The teacher enters every student in his groups and he assigns a monster to each students. Teachers can then add positive of negative feedback tags in order to associate with students. Those feedback tags are your way to give instant feedback to the student. There are 6 pre-made tags such as “helping others”, “on task”, “positive attitude” which you apply to any students profile to respond to their respective behavior in an activity. Teachers can also add their own personal tags to fits with a particular activity done with the class. Needless to say, this application enables teachers to improve general and specific student behaviors by awarding and recording real-time feedback. This real time feedback option enables teachers to:

Instantly reinforce good behavior.

Teachers can easily award feedback points for behavior in class in real-time, with just one click of your Smartphone or laptop. Students can take an eye on their personal behavior point grid and see how well they are behaving in class. This actually improves behavior and reinforces students’ self-confidence.

Interact with students in a minute

It is also possible to instantly notify students in one simple click since ClassDojo provides an instant notification option. This option is fully customizable for your classroom and the teacher can create and manage groups easily.

Get hassle-free data and reports.

Do you remember the time when students had to bring a report card at home for parents to see their kids’ progression? Well, this time is over since ClassDojo gives you behavior-tracking analytics and reports that can be shared with parents and administrators, all with just one click. EVerything is automatically updated, not much data entry required. 😉

What are the benefits??

Well, there are many benefits, and the best about it is that there are as many benefits for students than for teachers.

For Teachers

It greatly reduces classroom managing time since every data is automatically updated through one click! Therefore, teachers can do more teaching and less crowd control! This is what matters when it comes to teaching. Also, teachers it enables the teacher to focus on good behavior since classroom management time is reduced. Positive reinforcement always has a better effect on students.

For students

Since students can have instant feedback, they can focus quickly on their flaws and improve better! Positive reinforcement helps students develop a sense of purpose in the classroom, which gives them the impression that they are needed in the classroom and this little fact enhances motivation over time. By giving students visibility and data on their own behavior, ClassDojo makes class less disruptive and creates a more positive learning environment.


Here are some ways to use ClassDojo on an everyday basis! Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. ^^

  • Use the random pick feature to make teams and create excitement during team work activities.
  • Use the ClassDojo high score feature for students to keep track of their improvement and give a reward to the higher ones!
  • Make teams with different configuration based on the monster appearance in ClassDojo. You assign a monster to a student and pair them according to it.
  • Keep track of attendance easily with the ClassDojo attendance grid.

There are seriously countless ways to use this little software. Also, it is free to use for any teachers and it can be installed in any computer and mobile/tablet device. It additionally motivates students to participate in class since their teacher can give them immediate feedback. Oh! And the best is that teachers can follow statistics of their groups or students divided by days, week or months and it is even possible to give a student an invitation code so he or she can download the app for FREE and keep track of their behavior status at any time. 😉

You should definitely try ClassDojo since it is a free software and it enables teachers to focus on teaching rather than managing the classroom. There is a little tutorial for any teachers who would want to try this wonderful little application.

It is also possible to download ClassDojo by clicking this link

Also, it is possible to see a little review made by ModestoCitySchool

Teaching remotely and successfully thanks to Wikispaces Classroom!



Have you ever dreamt of creating your own workspace for any students to create and share work while staying in contact to work afterschool and making it possible for them to interact together in real time? And the best about that is that teachers have the complete control and monitor any work.

This is when Wikispaces Classroom comes into play!

Wikispaces Classroom is a free hosting website and social writing platform for education. This software allows any teacher to create a classroom workspace where he and his students can work on writing projects alone or in teams. It also allows teachers and students to stay in contact at all time through an awesome real-time chat and a comment section on every work or article published by the user. Also, rich assessment tools allow teachers to have the power to measure student work, participation, contribution and even their engagement in real-time. On top of that, Wikispaces Classroom works great on any modern browsers, tablets, and phones. This hosting website is free for teachers and students, but they need to register. From today’s date, over 10 million teachers and students have registered on the platform.

Here is a little tutorial about how to register and create a wiki on Wikispaces Classroom

A teacher can create many interesting project with Wikispaces if he has a little bit of imagination!


Indeed, it is utterly important for any teacher to have a place to manage all the activity, resources, conversations, and projects in the classroom. It is also essential for keeping track of students’ progress, and it is even useful in order to organize and work with colleagues on activity and class projects.

Wikispaces Classroom gives the features needed to get a classroom organized real fast and easily! Its ultimate use is to make managing easy by allowing teachers organize the day-to-day work of his/her classroom easy. It gives teachers the tools to quickly and easily create assignments, share resources, make announcements, and foster discussion and community.‍



The time where you had to add students in your Facebook and edit your friend list to keep track of your privacy settings is over! With Wikispaces Classroom, teachers now have a safe social network for their classroom. ‍They can organize groups and they can decide who can participate and when they will participate to the selected activity.‍ Also, the newsfeed is built around the work so teachers are always aware of what the classroom is doing. He/she can also witness all of the discussion and activities in order to see if everything is tied to the goals and work of the class.



Of course, face-to-face and in-class time interaction is essential for effective teaching and learning. But online interaction doesn’t mean that teachers can’t have face-to-face conversations. So, why not open the classroom so that each student can learn and work wherever and whenever they can? This is achievable through the Google Hangout plugin that can be added to your Wiki Classroom! The teacher just needs a webcam and a microphone, so why not enable the enthusiasm different students have for different kinds of interaction. It is sometimes mandatory to evolve with technology in order to broaden the reach and effectiveness in the classroom.‍

To conclude, Wikispaces Classroom is great for connecting your class with students after class time. It is also a great tool to collaborate privately with students in another country if a teacher wishes to engage in online teaching. It even could enables members of the community to enhance your classroom by making online conference or by letting them create a wiki on your Wikispaces Classroom

Click here to acess Wikispaces Classroom official website and to subscribe for FREE

Teach sucessfully with YouTube


It is no secret that YouTube is getting utterly more popular these days. Its popularity rose from pure entertainment and moved gradually to education. Regarding education, it is clear that YouTube can aid teachers and students if it use used correctly. This little article will explore was and methods that pinpoint exactly how the video service can help both students and teachers in the classroom.

First of all, YouTube is more than just a cute cat video site like many competitive websites. It has evolved into one of the biggest resources for educational content ever thanks to its subscription system and its multiple options. Teachers can either find videos that fit the subject for his or her lesson, or they can also make and create content to upload.  Additionally, Teachers can teach students anything about recording lessons and content activities and upload the videos to their classes YouTube channel. There are tons of reasons why and how YouTube should be a part of most classrooms, but first click here to see this awesome channel about how to responsibly manage a classroom with YouTube in order to give you a good idea on the subject

Keep track of your work and lessons easily

The fact that lessons and class content are recorded gives students more freedom to work a home. Also, teachers can record critical parts of their lesson so they can review how they will teach that lesson in future years. Additionally, when a student is absent, he or she can still consult the lesson in order to know what they missed. Just easily send them a link to the video and they’ll never fall behind. Custom videos can also be made for students who have a slower development rate. The teacher can even customize who sees his/her videos by adjusting the privacy settings. Here is a little video that shows how to control privacy settings in YouTube.

Teachers can help both struggling and advanced students

Indeed, thanks to YouTube and video technology, it is now possible for students to continue working at home with all the required help as if the teacher were actually there. The teacher just has to record the class content needed for the week or for a particular activity and the students can watch it as many times as he or she is required to. Needless to say, Videos (or playlists) are of a great help and they can provide additional tutoring out of class for struggling students. They can review lessons and important material at home so you’re not forced to teach exclusively to the middle 50%.  Teachers can even post and embed videos of other YouTube users that might be relevant to the class. Here is another little video to show the embed and share features that might be useful some teachers

With this little embed feature, teachers can show YouTube videos on interactive whiteboards (on both active and SMARTboard even though it is easier with SMART) or even project (yes, with a projector) them onto walls. If the teacher has a classroom wiki (I’ll review this awesome tool soon) or blog, such as Wordpress or blogger (R.I.P Skyblog) you can either embed the video, or in the case of Blogger and social media like Facebook, YouTube has a share button that makes embedding your selected videos in other places as easy as point and click.

Stream LIVE class content for advanced students and remedial courses

Oh yes, you understood right. This is my favorite YouTube option ever as it opens path to many possibilities. This little option is new since google acquired YouTube and it is available to registered users that have a clear account. If you have been flagged to many times or if you have a copyright strike on your account, it is unfortunately impossible to stream live. It enables teachers to stream class content or remedial courses without having to move from your house. You want to know how to stream live for your class? Then watch this little video closely!


Teaching with Ipads: the recipe to win


Thanks to today’s technology, teaching has never been so interactive and fun. Technology helps teachers and students and brings a comfortable work environment for everyone in the classroom. Indeed, there are many tools for teachers to use in order to manage the classroom, distribute work and assign tasks. Two of these tools are certainly the Iphones and IPads. If used correctly, these tools can profit for both teacher and students while it can also save time to everyone.

Needless to say, Ipads and Iphones and devices used for almost everything. For everything a human can think off, there is an App for it. As discussed in this blog’s oldest posts, an app is a “software” installed on a particular device meant do execute a particular task. This week post will explore various Apps created for Iphones and Ipads designed for educational purposes.

There are two major applications built to help teachers and students to perform or to manage time and work in classrooms that I know of.

Number 2 – Splashtop Whiteboard


With this awesome little application, you can turn your Ipad in an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can do everything they do with a regular whiteboard and they can display everything on a regular projector. It is a nice alternative to a traditional whiteboard if the classroom you go in is not equipped as you wish.

Easy classroom management

But it does not stop there! With this app, teachers can even give full visibility of their devices to the classrooms. If the classroom is fully equipped with Ipads, then the students can edit the work together and share it with anyone if given the rights. This application allows full management and control over class content and it allows teacher to share AND monitoring students completely.

Create and share video remontely for students

Teachers can also make flash media video with class content in order for students to watch at home as the teacher can upload those video online. This allows students to watch and re-watch important lessons and important. Simply take a web page relevant to the class content such as a wiki page or an important definition in thesaurus, and then highlight or save the important information in order to show to the class on the whiteboard or on everyone’s Ipads if the class is not equipped with one.

Take control of computers remotely

Teachers can also control their computer remotely in order to access files on their house computer or laptop. Additionally to control computers remotely, students can use their Ipads and put annotations on anything shared on their device. Teachers can additionally take snapshots of the screen and save them to the gallery in order to share with students, or students can take snapshot of unclear content and send them to the teacher in order to get feedback. This is the perfect tool for teachers to use in their classroom, and the possibilities are endless.

Oh, and it is compatible with PC and Mac devices! Finally, another awesome feature is that if the classroom is equipped with a real whiteboard, this app can control it remotely, just like it does with any computer and device synchronized to it. If this sounded interesting, you can download it easily through the Splashtop Whiteboard Link.  It is available for 19.99$, and you can download it for any tablet. It is however offered to a special if you purchase it for Ipad.

Here is a little extra review from the excellent website facultyfocus.

Number 1 – Itunes Podcast


Itunes Podcast is an app that every teacher should definitely familiarize with. First of all, it allows access an impressive collection of thousands of podcasts made by everyone. A podcast is an audio recording that usually tackles a particular subject. A podcast can explore many different subjects and a significant number are aimed at education and teaching

Create your own learning station 

With Podcasts you can create your own station with all you class lessons and course notes to upload in.  All those uploaded audio or video lessons can be accessible at all time for your students to download through the application. Podcasts are simply wonderful, and the greatest thing is that students can listen to them whenever they want, as many times as they want and in the comfort of their own pace. You lesson and notes are always accessible and your students can never comply!

Use other teachers’ podcast and share knowledge

Additionally to your own podcast created to save and upload lesson online, several educational podcasts are available online for teachers and students to syntonize together in class or to watch on their own outside of class. A particularly interesting podcast is certainly “Every Classroom Matters“. This podcast explores many ways to manage your classroom through many teachers’ point of views. You can easily download this application through this Itunes Podcast Link.


The internet is omnipresent today. It is therefore perfectly normal to see the evolution of teaching according to the progress of technology. The internet is now the central and main way of communication worldwide.  Social networking tools are utterly important in today’s society and teaching utilizes those tools more and more frequently.  Here are several useful tools to add to a teacher’s arsenal. As teacher, our role is to help our students and colleagues by sharing instructional resources. These resources include Web sites, instructional materials, readings, or other resources. They might also share such professional resources as articles, books, lesson or unit plans, and assessment tools. All of this is easy to do with the help of internet and social networking tools if they are used wisely during class.



Did you know that Facebook was originally designed by three computer science students at Harvard University? The original intent of Facebook was to provide college and university students with an online storage space in order to share and store school work. It was also a space for students to meet each other and it was a place to share interests as well as social activities. Facebook was created with academic purpose and it is still possible to use it academically.

The use of Facebook in class is heavily criticized and many tend to see problems with it. However, it is a tool that allows teachers to know their students in a completely different light. Teacher can consequently see students share their likes, hobbies, and more. It genuinely allows teachers to know their students and it is wonderful to keep in contact with students. Further to this feature, it creates an open and supportive environment, depending on how the teacher is open to it; students could even send the instructor a quick chat message if they are stuck on an exercise or if they have troubles with homework questions after class.  The key to Facebook is management. Needless to say that teachers need to create private friend lists in order to safely befriend students. Instructors should also use the hide post option in Facebook in order to filter their posted content. Teachers should therefore use these privacy settings if they want to use Facebook with their students in their classroom.


Here are several useful tips in order to manage your Facebook and to edit your friend lists

Beside the social aspect of teaching to pupils, here are two Facebook options that resulted to be effective in class.


The use of Facebook groups if very convenient. Teachers or even students can create a Facebook group so that students have a space in order to discuss about class content. Groups can be used as a teacher in order to provide each and every document needed for class, but he/she can also answer specific questions related to any part of the class. Facebook groups build a sense of community among students in a class. Students feel like they can ask and obtained the answer to any questions. A teacher can also benefice of this feature through the use student groups. If students are making their own group and if they answer their questions, it is a considerable time savior for any teacher. Facebook even offers three privacy settings for groups: open, closed and secret. There is the importance of managing your groups well. The fact that you, the teacher, can control who joins a group and who can view posts gives students a sense of security. Furthermore, students can manage their own posts so they can share school work between one another if some happen to miss a class. In addition, Facebook recently introduced the “Groups for Schools” feature. This feature allows students to join and manage certain groups according to their school facility, expected graduation date or organization. You can consult further Information about Facebook Group in order to give you a better idea of its use in class for you and your students.


Another useful tool in Facebook is clearly the Events tool. Thanks to this tool, instructors can set their agenda online and plan their classes. Group appointment can be added by any member of the group and any modification is automatically forwarded to any member’s Facebook account. They can even create events to promote guest speakers for their class or set any outing relevant to class content. Events can be made public and can be manages by anyone who have the rights .Students can create events for group work, due date for assignment. They can also use the Events tool to promote class projects or to planify big exams. This application is great for both students and teachers. The possibilities are endless. Further Information about Facebook Events is available for you to consult in order to give you a better idea on how to use Facebook events beside the

To sum up, the use of Facebook in class is a subject heavily criticized. However, through strong security settings and intense management, it turns out to be a tool highly underrated, if you want my opinion!

Something better than Popplet…

To write an essay on a particular subject or to structure a full course plan is not an  easy task. Even understanding the main ideas of a text can sometimes be a daunting task. Well, there are solutions in order to solve the situation. The tool you need is a mind map creator. As every teachers should know, a mind map editor is by definition a software used to create diagrams in order to visually outline the main ideas of a text. By doing so, you ensure a strong text structure along with clear ideas.

Mind maps can be drawn by hand during meetings but it is always a better idea to re-enter the information taken into a computer software used especially for this reason.


            Example of a guru hand drawned mind map

One popular mind map editor is well known by many teachers and students in university. The website is a basic editor used by many faculties. However, Popplet is basically locked to a maximum of 5 popplets and it offers a poor quantity of features without registration. This problem is now solved thank to yet another Google Chrome add-on or app. called Mindmeister

Mindmeister lets you basically do everything that popplet did but in prettier. It has an utterly more esthetical presentation and it is user friendly as well. This app basically lets you create only up to 3 popplet without registering, but the basic options are quite developed compared to popplet. With only one click, you can create up to 5 mind map types and the “blank map” comes with many “mind bubble” options in order to change the type of information you want to add in your mind map. These mind bubbles are your main structure tool where you enter your  ideas, plans, problems, schedules ect… The possibilities are virtually endless.

While mindmeister offers slightly more options than the basic mind map software, it absolutely destroys competition when it comes to special features.

Quick sharing with students and colleague teachers.

You can share your mind maps with people in one simple click, collaborate in “real time” just as if you were working on a google doc and you can download the Mindmeister mobile app on any mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With all those options, it is the perfect app for a teacher to use since you can bring and edit your mind maps anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on your device. You can also team up with colleagues in order to create, or easily edit a course plan. Other teachers you share your mind maps with can add comments and can even help you to structure your course plan. This app is simply amazing and is a must for any teacher.

Take notes and design class content easily

Students and educators can prepare lectures and take notes as well. Whether the teacher is preparing a lecture to give to the class  or whether students use them to structure the content of a text or of a class, using mind maps will always keep be useful to organize ideas. It is also possible to brainstorm projects alone or with peers. This awesome little application allows you to exchange ideas and manage tasks easily over the internet in collaborative student projects, no matter where your peers are in “real time”.  If students are working on a project together, they can work on mind maps simultaneously by using this “real time” collaboration feature.  It works just like instant messaging.  When one user makes a change, it instantly shows up on the other user’s screen.  He or she is able to see exactly what the other has changed.   The teacher can therefore use this tool and organize peer projects for students to develop during class so they can organize ideas about specific projects do develop together. Needless to say, students and teachers clearly benefit from this application. Both can plan out their papers using Mindmeister, and it provides an efficient way for teachers to monitor their progress.  For more information, see this little video

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

There is a quick review made by “You’re making me”, a YouTube reviewer

Mindmeister Download Link

The registration cost is between 5.99$ or 14.99$ per month, but you can do almost everything you basically need to teach with the 5.99$ plan. You can use Mindmeister for free, but it is locked to only three mind maps and the importin/exporting option are limited.cost


Popplet Mind Map Sample


Mindmeister Mind Map Sample

Teaching with technology: something that needs to be learned.


With today’s constant growing technology, it is normal to see it incorporated in our modern classrooms. It is therefore important for every teacher to learn to use it correctly and effectively. Indeed, too many teachers are scared of technology. They think that it is more complicated than effective in class. However, with adequate management, technology can be a wonderful tool in order to teach.

If you are a teacher interested in technology, then this little article is for you. And if you happen to be one of the skeptical teachers about technology, then you might just learn something new about tools that could come in handy for your classroom management.

The first application I want to talk about is an application for Google Chrome internet browser. It lets you use your computer just like a smartboard without the complicated interface and the multitude of complicated options. There are several characteristics about Gynzy:

User friendly interface

First of all, It is utterly more user friendly than the basic Smart board or Active board software. and you can do anything a basic software lets you do in order to prepare your class. Additionally, being an application in Chrome browser, it let you use the internet connection in two simple clicks. If you like Smart boards/Active boards, but you are looking for a user friendly version of the basic software, then Gynzy is just you. It also works with all brands of interactive whiteboards! So teachers does not  have to use the software developed to run on the brand of the board you purchased. This only feature saves so much time and effort, this cannot be stressed enough. Teachers do not have to worry about the activinspire / smartboard issues.

Free to use

Instructors first have to create a free account on Gynzy’s website. They then must log into their Gynzy account in order to access lessons and utilize various tools. These lessons can consequently be shared online for students to access everywhere through any data hosting websites. Gynzy is free to download and it is very easy to use compared to Active inspire and even compared to Smart notebook.

Easy tab system

Its friendly interface works with a tab system that separate your whiteboard in four different sections: the board section, the tool section, the lesson section and the favorite section. The board section is the whiteboard display section where the class content is displayed during class. The tool section will be explored later and the lesson and favorite sections are the placeholders for your created lessons and your favorite lessons from other teachers.

Free tool section

The tool section hosts all the tools used with the program. Some of those tools are add-ons such as activity creator, timers and quiz maker used to build work and lesson to use in classroom.  For its part, the lesson section is the place where every lesson created is conveniently stocked and classified by alphabetical order or by customized categories. Finally, the favorite section contains ever lesson made other teachers that you liked and that you would like to use during your class. Gynzy is great for teachers, but it is also a plus for students since four convenient options are available quickly and easily for the teacher to use in order to help students understand better.

Here is a little link to a little demonstration video if you want to see how friendly gynzy’s use is. It is, in my humble opinion, the easiest way to get the maximum out of your smartboard, even with a minimum of knowledge regarding technology.

Here is the link in order to Download Gynzy if you wish to add this wonderful tool to your teacher’s arsenal.