Teaching with technology: something that needs to be learned.


With today’s constant growing technology, it is normal to see it incorporated in our modern classrooms. It is therefore important for every teacher to learn to use it correctly and effectively. Indeed, too many teachers are scared of technology. They think that it is more complicated than effective in class. However, with adequate management, technology can be a wonderful tool in order to teach.

If you are a teacher interested in technology, then this little article is for you. And if you happen to be one of the skeptical teachers about technology, then you might just learn something new about tools that could come in handy for your classroom management.

The first application I want to talk about is an application for Google Chrome internet browser. It lets you use your computer just like a smartboard without the complicated interface and the multitude of complicated options. There are several characteristics about Gynzy:

User friendly interface

First of all, It is utterly more user friendly than the basic Smart board or Active board software. and you can do anything a basic software lets you do in order to prepare your class. Additionally, being an application in Chrome browser, it let you use the internet connection in two simple clicks. If you like Smart boards/Active boards, but you are looking for a user friendly version of the basic software, then Gynzy is just you. It also works with all brands of interactive whiteboards! So teachers does not  have to use the software developed to run on the brand of the board you purchased. This only feature saves so much time and effort, this cannot be stressed enough. Teachers do not have to worry about the activinspire / smartboard issues.

Free to use

Instructors first have to create a free account on Gynzy’s website. They then must log into their Gynzy account in order to access lessons and utilize various tools. These lessons can consequently be shared online for students to access everywhere through any data hosting websites. Gynzy is free to download and it is very easy to use compared to Active inspire and even compared to Smart notebook.

Easy tab system

Its friendly interface works with a tab system that separate your whiteboard in four different sections: the board section, the tool section, the lesson section and the favorite section. The board section is the whiteboard display section where the class content is displayed during class. The tool section will be explored later and the lesson and favorite sections are the placeholders for your created lessons and your favorite lessons from other teachers.

Free tool section

The tool section hosts all the tools used with the program. Some of those tools are add-ons such as activity creator, timers and quiz maker used to build work and lesson to use in classroom.  For its part, the lesson section is the place where every lesson created is conveniently stocked and classified by alphabetical order or by customized categories. Finally, the favorite section contains ever lesson made other teachers that you liked and that you would like to use during your class. Gynzy is great for teachers, but it is also a plus for students since four convenient options are available quickly and easily for the teacher to use in order to help students understand better.

Here is a little link to a little demonstration video if you want to see how friendly gynzy’s use is. It is, in my humble opinion, the easiest way to get the maximum out of your smartboard, even with a minimum of knowledge regarding technology.

Here is the link in order to Download Gynzy if you wish to add this wonderful tool to your teacher’s arsenal.


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