Something better than Popplet…

To write an essay on a particular subject or to structure a full course plan is not an  easy task. Even understanding the main ideas of a text can sometimes be a daunting task. Well, there are solutions in order to solve the situation. The tool you need is a mind map creator. As every teachers should know, a mind map editor is by definition a software used to create diagrams in order to visually outline the main ideas of a text. By doing so, you ensure a strong text structure along with clear ideas.

Mind maps can be drawn by hand during meetings but it is always a better idea to re-enter the information taken into a computer software used especially for this reason.


            Example of a guru hand drawned mind map

One popular mind map editor is well known by many teachers and students in university. The website is a basic editor used by many faculties. However, Popplet is basically locked to a maximum of 5 popplets and it offers a poor quantity of features without registration. This problem is now solved thank to yet another Google Chrome add-on or app. called Mindmeister

Mindmeister lets you basically do everything that popplet did but in prettier. It has an utterly more esthetical presentation and it is user friendly as well. This app basically lets you create only up to 3 popplet without registering, but the basic options are quite developed compared to popplet. With only one click, you can create up to 5 mind map types and the “blank map” comes with many “mind bubble” options in order to change the type of information you want to add in your mind map. These mind bubbles are your main structure tool where you enter your  ideas, plans, problems, schedules ect… The possibilities are virtually endless.

While mindmeister offers slightly more options than the basic mind map software, it absolutely destroys competition when it comes to special features.

Quick sharing with students and colleague teachers.

You can share your mind maps with people in one simple click, collaborate in “real time” just as if you were working on a google doc and you can download the Mindmeister mobile app on any mobile phone, laptop or tablet. With all those options, it is the perfect app for a teacher to use since you can bring and edit your mind maps anywhere as long as you have an internet connection on your device. You can also team up with colleagues in order to create, or easily edit a course plan. Other teachers you share your mind maps with can add comments and can even help you to structure your course plan. This app is simply amazing and is a must for any teacher.

Take notes and design class content easily

Students and educators can prepare lectures and take notes as well. Whether the teacher is preparing a lecture to give to the class  or whether students use them to structure the content of a text or of a class, using mind maps will always keep be useful to organize ideas. It is also possible to brainstorm projects alone or with peers. This awesome little application allows you to exchange ideas and manage tasks easily over the internet in collaborative student projects, no matter where your peers are in “real time”.  If students are working on a project together, they can work on mind maps simultaneously by using this “real time” collaboration feature.  It works just like instant messaging.  When one user makes a change, it instantly shows up on the other user’s screen.  He or she is able to see exactly what the other has changed.   The teacher can therefore use this tool and organize peer projects for students to develop during class so they can organize ideas about specific projects do develop together. Needless to say, students and teachers clearly benefit from this application. Both can plan out their papers using Mindmeister, and it provides an efficient way for teachers to monitor their progress.  For more information, see this little video

<iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

There is a quick review made by “You’re making me”, a YouTube reviewer

Mindmeister Download Link

The registration cost is between 5.99$ or 14.99$ per month, but you can do almost everything you basically need to teach with the 5.99$ plan. You can use Mindmeister for free, but it is locked to only three mind maps and the importin/exporting option are limited.cost


Popplet Mind Map Sample


Mindmeister Mind Map Sample


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