Teaching remotely and successfully thanks to Wikispaces Classroom!



Have you ever dreamt of creating your own workspace for any students to create and share work while staying in contact to work afterschool and making it possible for them to interact together in real time? And the best about that is that teachers have the complete control and monitor any work.

This is when Wikispaces Classroom comes into play!

Wikispaces Classroom is a free hosting website and social writing platform for education. This software allows any teacher to create a classroom workspace where he and his students can work on writing projects alone or in teams. It also allows teachers and students to stay in contact at all time through an awesome real-time chat and a comment section on every work or article published by the user. Also, rich assessment tools allow teachers to have the power to measure student work, participation, contribution and even their engagement in real-time. On top of that, Wikispaces Classroom works great on any modern browsers, tablets, and phones. This hosting website is free for teachers and students, but they need to register. From today’s date, over 10 million teachers and students have registered on the platform.

Here is a little tutorial about how to register and create a wiki on Wikispaces Classroom

A teacher can create many interesting project with Wikispaces if he has a little bit of imagination!


Indeed, it is utterly important for any teacher to have a place to manage all the activity, resources, conversations, and projects in the classroom. It is also essential for keeping track of students’ progress, and it is even useful in order to organize and work with colleagues on activity and class projects.

Wikispaces Classroom gives the features needed to get a classroom organized real fast and easily! Its ultimate use is to make managing easy by allowing teachers organize the day-to-day work of his/her classroom easy. It gives teachers the tools to quickly and easily create assignments, share resources, make announcements, and foster discussion and community.‍



The time where you had to add students in your Facebook and edit your friend list to keep track of your privacy settings is over! With Wikispaces Classroom, teachers now have a safe social network for their classroom. ‍They can organize groups and they can decide who can participate and when they will participate to the selected activity.‍ Also, the newsfeed is built around the work so teachers are always aware of what the classroom is doing. He/she can also witness all of the discussion and activities in order to see if everything is tied to the goals and work of the class.



Of course, face-to-face and in-class time interaction is essential for effective teaching and learning. But online interaction doesn’t mean that teachers can’t have face-to-face conversations. So, why not open the classroom so that each student can learn and work wherever and whenever they can? This is achievable through the Google Hangout plugin that can be added to your Wiki Classroom! The teacher just needs a webcam and a microphone, so why not enable the enthusiasm different students have for different kinds of interaction. It is sometimes mandatory to evolve with technology in order to broaden the reach and effectiveness in the classroom.‍

To conclude, Wikispaces Classroom is great for connecting your class with students after class time. It is also a great tool to collaborate privately with students in another country if a teacher wishes to engage in online teaching. It even could enables members of the community to enhance your classroom by making online conference or by letting them create a wiki on your Wikispaces Classroom

Click here to acess Wikispaces Classroom official website and to subscribe for FREE


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