Manage your class easily with ClassDojo


Did you ever dream of managing your classroom easily and effectively? Well, it is possible with the application called Class Dojo! 

ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. You can also capture and generate data on students’ behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. It is just simply wonderful! Class dojo works with any type of classroom and can be installed on any devices. Teacher can create and manage their groups according to their grades, group numbers, or even subjects so teachers can have many groups of the same grade or subject. The teacher enters every student in his groups and he assigns a monster to each students. Teachers can then add positive of negative feedback tags in order to associate with students. Those feedback tags are your way to give instant feedback to the student. There are 6 pre-made tags such as “helping others”, “on task”, “positive attitude” which you apply to any students profile to respond to their respective behavior in an activity. Teachers can also add their own personal tags to fits with a particular activity done with the class. Needless to say, this application enables teachers to improve general and specific student behaviors by awarding and recording real-time feedback. This real time feedback option enables teachers to:

Instantly reinforce good behavior.

Teachers can easily award feedback points for behavior in class in real-time, with just one click of your Smartphone or laptop. Students can take an eye on their personal behavior point grid and see how well they are behaving in class. This actually improves behavior and reinforces students’ self-confidence.

Interact with students in a minute

It is also possible to instantly notify students in one simple click since ClassDojo provides an instant notification option. This option is fully customizable for your classroom and the teacher can create and manage groups easily.

Get hassle-free data and reports.

Do you remember the time when students had to bring a report card at home for parents to see their kids’ progression? Well, this time is over since ClassDojo gives you behavior-tracking analytics and reports that can be shared with parents and administrators, all with just one click. EVerything is automatically updated, not much data entry required. 😉

What are the benefits??

Well, there are many benefits, and the best about it is that there are as many benefits for students than for teachers.

For Teachers

It greatly reduces classroom managing time since every data is automatically updated through one click! Therefore, teachers can do more teaching and less crowd control! This is what matters when it comes to teaching. Also, teachers it enables the teacher to focus on good behavior since classroom management time is reduced. Positive reinforcement always has a better effect on students.

For students

Since students can have instant feedback, they can focus quickly on their flaws and improve better! Positive reinforcement helps students develop a sense of purpose in the classroom, which gives them the impression that they are needed in the classroom and this little fact enhances motivation over time. By giving students visibility and data on their own behavior, ClassDojo makes class less disruptive and creates a more positive learning environment.


Here are some ways to use ClassDojo on an everyday basis! Just give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. ^^

  • Use the random pick feature to make teams and create excitement during team work activities.
  • Use the ClassDojo high score feature for students to keep track of their improvement and give a reward to the higher ones!
  • Make teams with different configuration based on the monster appearance in ClassDojo. You assign a monster to a student and pair them according to it.
  • Keep track of attendance easily with the ClassDojo attendance grid.

There are seriously countless ways to use this little software. Also, it is free to use for any teachers and it can be installed in any computer and mobile/tablet device. It additionally motivates students to participate in class since their teacher can give them immediate feedback. Oh! And the best is that teachers can follow statistics of their groups or students divided by days, week or months and it is even possible to give a student an invitation code so he or she can download the app for FREE and keep track of their behavior status at any time. 😉

You should definitely try ClassDojo since it is a free software and it enables teachers to focus on teaching rather than managing the classroom. There is a little tutorial for any teachers who would want to try this wonderful little application.

It is also possible to download ClassDojo by clicking this link

Also, it is possible to see a little review made by ModestoCitySchool


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