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Teaching with Ipads: the recipe to win


Thanks to today’s technology, teaching has never been so interactive and fun. Technology helps teachers and students and brings a comfortable work environment for everyone in the classroom. Indeed, there are many tools for teachers to use in order to manage the classroom, distribute work and assign tasks. Two of these tools are certainly the Iphones and IPads. If used correctly, these tools can profit for both teacher and students while it can also save time to everyone.

Needless to say, Ipads and Iphones and devices used for almost everything. For everything a human can think off, there is an App for it. As discussed in this blog’s oldest posts, an app is a “software” installed on a particular device meant do execute a particular task. This week post will explore various Apps created for Iphones and Ipads designed for educational purposes.

There are two major applications built to help teachers and students to perform or to manage time and work in classrooms that I know of.

Number 2 – Splashtop Whiteboard


With this awesome little application, you can turn your Ipad in an interactive whiteboard. Teachers can do everything they do with a regular whiteboard and they can display everything on a regular projector. It is a nice alternative to a traditional whiteboard if the classroom you go in is not equipped as you wish.

Easy classroom management

But it does not stop there! With this app, teachers can even give full visibility of their devices to the classrooms. If the classroom is fully equipped with Ipads, then the students can edit the work together and share it with anyone if given the rights. This application allows full management and control over class content and it allows teacher to share AND monitoring students completely.

Create and share video remontely for students

Teachers can also make flash media video with class content in order for students to watch at home as the teacher can upload those video online. This allows students to watch and re-watch important lessons and important. Simply take a web page relevant to the class content such as a wiki page or an important definition in thesaurus, and then highlight or save the important information in order to show to the class on the whiteboard or on everyone’s Ipads if the class is not equipped with one.

Take control of computers remotely

Teachers can also control their computer remotely in order to access files on their house computer or laptop. Additionally to control computers remotely, students can use their Ipads and put annotations on anything shared on their device. Teachers can additionally take snapshots of the screen and save them to the gallery in order to share with students, or students can take snapshot of unclear content and send them to the teacher in order to get feedback. This is the perfect tool for teachers to use in their classroom, and the possibilities are endless.

Oh, and it is compatible with PC and Mac devices! Finally, another awesome feature is that if the classroom is equipped with a real whiteboard, this app can control it remotely, just like it does with any computer and device synchronized to it. If this sounded interesting, you can download it easily through the Splashtop Whiteboard Link.  It is available for 19.99$, and you can download it for any tablet. It is however offered to a special if you purchase it for Ipad.

Here is a little extra review from the excellent website facultyfocus.

Number 1 – Itunes Podcast


Itunes Podcast is an app that every teacher should definitely familiarize with. First of all, it allows access an impressive collection of thousands of podcasts made by everyone. A podcast is an audio recording that usually tackles a particular subject. A podcast can explore many different subjects and a significant number are aimed at education and teaching

Create your own learning station 

With Podcasts you can create your own station with all you class lessons and course notes to upload in.  All those uploaded audio or video lessons can be accessible at all time for your students to download through the application. Podcasts are simply wonderful, and the greatest thing is that students can listen to them whenever they want, as many times as they want and in the comfort of their own pace. You lesson and notes are always accessible and your students can never comply!

Use other teachers’ podcast and share knowledge

Additionally to your own podcast created to save and upload lesson online, several educational podcasts are available online for teachers and students to syntonize together in class or to watch on their own outside of class. A particularly interesting podcast is certainly “Every Classroom Matters“. This podcast explores many ways to manage your classroom through many teachers’ point of views. You can easily download this application through this Itunes Podcast Link.